Is your pet overweight?

Obesity is a common problem in domestic pets, but it is preventable.  While spoiling our fur babies, it is important to consider their health and provide them with a complete and balanced diet, as well as regular exercise.   

It is important to monitor your pet’s weight and body condition.  

Some of the conditions that can occur as a result of excess weight are: 

  • Exercise intolerance and decreased stamina 
  • Respiratory compromise (breathing difficulty) 
  • Heart intolerance 
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure) 
  • Diabetes 
  • Liver disease  
  • Osteoarthritis (lameness) 
  • Increased surgical/ anaesthetic risk  

Regular physical activity is important for a healthy animal. 

Engaging in regular activities is not only great for exercise but also mental stimulation. 

  • For cats, this can involve chasing toys, walks on a leash, food games or activity platform. 
  • For dogs, there are a variety of activities, from walking or running, to chasing a ball, agility training and swimming.    

It is important to discuss with a nurse or veterinarian the most suitable diet for your pet’s energy and nutritional requirements.